Dementia: Raising The Roof

Image result for Raise The Roof Picture

There are lots of reasons to raise the roof  today in our neck of the woods:

  • Navigo has once again been nominated for a national award for its work.
  • The ‘joiner’ is due today or Monday to begin his work on Our Day Room
  • I’m meeting our Key Worker this morning to review how things are going.

When Roy Lilley praises something then it is worth taking note.  He was full of praise of Navigo following his flying visit to Grimsby earlier in the week.  As I have often posted we are very fortunate to live in North East Lincolnshire where person-centred care and support for carers is the order of the day.  There is also a willingness to listen when things are not going well.

Our builders continue to make significant progress with our Day Room.  The shell of our extension is now standing and if a joiner makes it on time we will be ready for the roofer next week.  Maureen often goes out to check on the progress of our builders and their interaction with her is ‘as sound as a pound’.  If there was a register for dementia friendly businesses I would campaign for their inclusion.

I’m looking forward to my meeting with our Key Worker this morning as we need to consider Maureen’s presentation.  He is the only professional that Maureen ever remembers.  She often asks if ‘Ginger’ will be popping in to see us and that is a mark of his impact: she has no idea who the other professionals are!   She is also unaware how he will pull out all the stops to support us to continue living together in our own home.


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