Dementia: Dreams and Reality

Image result for Dreams and Reality Dementia Picture

The times I really feel out of my depth here is when Maureen wakes up after a sleep.  Yesterday was a prime example of my struggle on this front as she awoke from her afternoon nap convinced that ‘her sister was missing in the water’.  It was one of those occasions when I decided it was advisable to challenge her reality by telling her that she had probably been dreaming as we hadn’t seen her sister for months.  I even suggested that she should make a phone call to confirm that her sibling was safely at home in Nottingham.  She replied that this would be pointless as she didn’t know where we were herself!

Our Key Worker contacted me yesterday to touch base after being on leave for over a week.  He was obviously concerned about the early morning events and wondered if such episodes were becoming more frequent.  He has also raised concerns about the back up that would be available for Our Night Sitter with my plans for her to be on duty for 48 hours in mid-August so that I can go to the Buddhist Centre in Pocklington. Therefore, we have agreed to have a catch-up meeting on Friday morning.

I’m very conscious that my Blog is becoming a place where I concentrate on the extremes of Maureen’s presentation.  The events of Monday morning meant that I didn’t share a very positive experience from Sunday morning.  With an LP by Roy Orbison on the deck, I decided to try a little art therapy.  As Maureen sang along with Roy she even added the ‘GRHH’ in Pretty Woman:

She coloured in a picture for a while and even wrote me a message. Unfortunately, the book that we were using has gone missing, so I can’t share her work. What was interesting was her that phonetic spelling of my name as ‘Parl’ and you as ‘yoo’.  I’m out of my depth trying to draw any conclusions from her writing.  What I do know is that playing familiar music in the background seemed to encourage Maureen to participate in new activities and is a strategy worth repeating.



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