Dementia: Creating Confusion

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It would be simplistic to label Maureen’s behaviour towards her carers in the last 24 hours as challenging.  She was hostile and uncooperative during the time Girl Tuesday was here.  She carried on in a similar vein with Our Night Sitter accusing her of following her around.  I would assert that Maureen is a victim rather than a cause for concern: ‘strangers’ are causing her confusion leading to challenging behaviour.

For some unknown reason, Girl Tuesday had not been on duty here since early June.  She used to be one of our regulars and had a really good relationship with Maureen.  When she arrived yesterday Maureen had forgotten who she was.

Maureen was asleep when ONS arrived last night and she awoke to find another woman in the house.  This may have been ‘a red rag to a bull’  reminding her of the days when she was aware there were other women in her first marriage.

It is relatively easy to resolve the Girl Tuesday issue with a phone call to the Agency.  We need her to be a regular part of our team of carers once again and I’m optimistic that Maureen will eventually accept her back into the fold.  The issues with having another woman in the house at night are not as easily resolved so we have suspended night sits for the time being.

Update:  Maureen is in good form as I serve her a banana sandwich this morning.  She has been singing a song about my ex-wife being a s*** bag but says she was her dad’s wife.  Her clothing has been changed at last: she is now wearing her cardigan inside out and back to front.  She has been praising a carer who came the other day.  Once again I have no idea who she is talking about but that is nothing new!

2 thoughts on “Dementia: Creating Confusion

  1. Hooray for clothes-changing victory, and songs about exes, and being blessed to have a spouse who *gets it.* Kudos to you, Paul, for understanding where Maureen is coming from and why ‘strange’ women in the house at night would be problematic.


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