Dementia: Tying Up Loose Ends

Image result for Tying Up Loose Ends Picture

Things went relatively well yesterday as I tied up a few loose ends:

  • I tidied up the layout of my Blog to make it more user-friendly.
  • I contacted the Agency of New Girl/Sat and Sun to praise her work.
  • I inducted New Girl Mon/Weds who settled in well.
  • I met my Admiral Nurse for support and requested a rethink over the availability of my Support Worker from the Alzheimer’s Society.
  • I confirmed with my lawyers that matters were in hand over the application for Deputyship under the Court of Protection.
  • I organised a weekend break in August with Maureen being cared for in our home.

There is no doubt that Maureen’s presentation is becoming more challenging.  When she woke yesterday morning she was keen to go to school.  She told me how boys made life difficult for the girls as they were so noisy and chased them around the playground.  A short while later she was attempting to leave the house with a bundle of clothes under her arm on her way home.  My status can change within minutes from a relative, rarely her husband, to someone who works in this Care Home.  As Maureen fear of men along with her confusion about who I am has become more prevalent it is clearly safer for ‘The Girls’ to try to encourage her to engage in personal care and change out of those PJ’s!


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