Dementia: Seeking Firmer Ground

It has taken our builders a couple of weeks to prepare the ground for our Day Room.  The footings have now been dug, the concrete poured, and bricklaying will begin in earnest today.  As I have watched their painstaking work I have been involved in a similar process of attempting to seek firmer ground for the weeks ahead.

Following a sound performance by a new carer at the weekend I’m in an optimistic frame of mind this morning.   She played it well; never invading Maureen’s space and providing support when it was needed.  Her Sunday Dinner was so good that Maureen didn’t even know there was a new chef on duty.   So despite a change of personnel my aspirations to be relieved of time in the kitchen at the weekend can still be fulfilled.  The inside information I have on a carer who will be making her first appearance here today is also good, so that is a relief.

A month has almost passed since my Pilgrimage to Paddington and it is time for another break from my caring duties.  I’m hoping that Maureen will be able to stay at home this time and avoid the fall out from being in a Care Home.  Our Night Sitter is in the process of confirming her availability to ‘live in’ during my absence which has been agreed as ‘in Maureen’s Best Interest’.

Our Day Room will really begin to take shape this week if we are blessed with fine weather.  Patience on my behalf and a little bit of luck might just help us on our journey!

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