Dementia: ‘Just Go For It!’

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Girl Tuesday afternoon, now also Our Night Sitter (ONS) arrived last night on schedule at 10 pm for the beginning of her shift.  Maureen was asleep on the couch when she arrived so I let her in and hot-footed it upstairs to bed.  It took a while to get to sleep with Craig David mid set at Meridian Show Ground.  My rest was fitful and I awoke several times to relieve myself: I must return to taking that homeopathic remedy to reduce my night time trips to the bathroom.

I ventured downstairs around four to see if a mug of chamomile tea would help me get further rest.  When I checked on Maureen, I found her awake and distressed.  She had returned to a theme of the previous day of: ‘people wanting her to dress up in rags’.  She told me she was ‘so pleased to see me’.  After listening for quite some time to her concern about ‘being bullied into wearing inappropriate clothing’  I managed to ease her upstairs with the promise of a cup of tea.

Once we were in our bedroom I found clothing in her wardrobe that could be worn today.  She was so relieved that there was something to wear and she ‘didn’t have to follow the other students and dress up in rags’.

Whilst lying on the bed  Maureen waxed lyrical about her days at High School where her feelings about being different to other people were highlighted. This is a familiar theme of ‘not feeling as good as the other pupils because her parents didn’t have much money’.  It took a while to shift her thinking and accept that she didn’t always have to play by the rules and could be her own mistress.

There is no doubt that playing some of our old favourites via YouTube on my mobile played a significant part in elevating her mood.  She also seemed excited by the prospect of UB40  serenading us in our back garden from 9 pm tonight:

We would have been at Meridian Showground ourselves tonight if UB40 hadn’t split up.  In my view, Ali Campbell is the voice of UB 40 and his brother Donald can never replace him.

My early morning antics have tired Maureen out and by 6 am she told me she needed further sleep.  I sent ONS home a couple of hours early once the kettle was boiling.  She left with a smile on her face before giving me a wink and telling me to ‘just go for it’.  I certainly did and I have no idea what will happen when Maureen wakes or what she will decide to wear today!


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