Dementia: Special Measures


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On Thursday things went from bad to worse as the day progressed:

  •  Girl Thursday advised me it was her last shift as she needed to change her working hours.
  • The Alzheimer’s Society told me that I would no longer be able to access my Support Worker as we did not fit into their Pathway.
  • Maureen presentation became more challenging and it became difficult to persuade her to remain in the house.
  • Maureen was reluctant to cooperate with a Duty Worker from Focus Adult Social Care and told her to ‘get out of my house’.

The Duty Worker and I agreed that the option of a Respite Break where Maureen would be placed in a Care Home would not be in Maureen’s Best Interests.  We were both reluctant to chance going down a slippery path that could lead to Maureen becoming a permanent resident of a Care Home.  Fortunately, I managed to buy some time on our options by engaging a Night Sitter (Girl Tuesday Afternoon) who I booked from 9 pm until 7 am.

Sleep came easily to me once I hit the pillow shortly after the arrival of Girl Thursday Night.  Three hours later I awoke for a toilet break and checked on proceeding downstairs to find Maureen awake and in a combative mood.  However, feeling refreshed I managed to ease GTN out of the firing line to explore her availability for the next few days.

I now have a Holding Position for the next few days with some ‘Special Measures’ in place and some aspirations pending.  They reflect the decision of the Best Interest Meeting with Maureen staying at home along with some additional support:

  • GTN has been booked for Night Sits tonight and the following Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  •  I will request an induction process for two new carers who will cover four shifts next week.
  • I will explore if it is possible for the support I have been receiving from the Alzheimer’s Society to continue while we are in Special Measures.

I hope that Girl Friday is able to work her magic this morning and become ‘Maureen’s hairdresser’ once again.  She has been on holiday for three weeks and I’m optimistic there will not be any hangover from her last when Maureen ordered her out of the house because she suspected we were having an affair!


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