Dementia: SOS

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I sent up the distress flares by contacting Single Point of Access at 5.30 this morning with a request for a return phone call from Focus Adult Social Care.  A challenging evening led to a dreadful night with little sleep.  The dawn chorus from Maureen continued her incessant late night ranting:  her theme of being ‘abused, let down and frustrated by the behaviour of others now and throughout her life’  has continued unabated.

No matter what I’ve tried I have failed to distract and redirect Maureen from her current focus on always being ordered about and encouraged to take part in pointless activities.  This is clearly not the time to persevere with suggestions about showering or personal care.  A mug, thankfully empty, was hurled in my direction yesterday when I suggested she could consider stepping out of her PJ’s for the first time in over a fortnight.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed on three fronts this morning.  Firstly, I’m hoping that the Duty Worker from Focus will return my call and make a supportive visit to discuss options for additional support.  Secondly, that Girl Thursday is back on duty after a period of sickness and a familiar face will help Maureen to settle down.  Thirdly, when Girl Friday (Maureen’s hairdresser) returns from holiday tomorrow she might be able to nudge Maureen into the shower cubicle.

Yesterday, I was hoping that my Dancing Queen would let me lead on this ‘dance with dementia’.  This morning, I need other partners to help me to change the music and slow things down for a little while.


6 thoughts on “Dementia: SOS

  1. Paul, you poor person, I feel for you. It is not easy. The lack of sleep just makes it more difficult, as if things weren’t already difficult enough.

    The unfortunate thing is that everyone with dementia is different so all carers are really working in the dark searching for the things that will work. Next problem is that although it worked yesterday it doesn’t mean that it will work today.

    Sending hugs across to you.

    I hope that you have a better day today.

    Look after yourself! Easier said than done, I know.

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      1. It’s difficult to know what helps at the moment as her reality is changing so rapidly. She feels so hard done to and abused by others at the moment and I know where all of that comes from.


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