Dementia: Enough Is Enough

Our builders knew that a storm was on the way yesterday and adjusted their plans accordingly.  They knew it would be pointless trying to lay bricks and sought safer ground to prevent being washed out on site.  If only I had such a luxury as a Care Partner and knew what lay ahead each day and could plan accordingly.

We had a lovely start to yesterday with an early morning call at the Spa Stores followed by a trip to a nearby farm to collect eggs.  Following breakfast, we ventured to Aldi and on to Freeman Stree Market to stock up on fruit and vegetables.  Once we arrived home the clouds descended and the storm broke over Maureen’s footwear as I had ‘stolen her shoes’.  The abuse connected with my felony continued until Girl Tuesday afternoon took over the reins as I escaped the downpour.

‘The weather’ in the evening cleared a little leading to a fine spell following haddock and potato wedges: my Tuesday Special.  Things brightened up even further with a warm spell following apricots and ice cream.  Then the clouds gathered before the storm broke following my encouragement to bring a new toothbrush into action as darkness descended upon us.  As the rain poured down I took shelter in the back bedroom to escape the torrent of abuse from Maureen about my expectation that she would join me in bed.

I’m struggling to make sense of the forecast this morning.  Maureen’s presentation is bewildering as she ‘has to make some clothes for a carnival’: apparently, something she is not good at.  I have tried to change her focus for over an hour but she is overwhelmed by her inadequacies on all sorts of fronts.

I would suspect that ‘the weather’ is going to be changeable today and I’m hoping for some brighter spells.  The builders will shortly be firming up the foundations for our extension. I hope I have laid the foundations for our morning by putting Maureen’s dancing gear on the bed.  I’m just wondering after tripping the light fantastic in the kitchen whether we could make it see our friends at Social Dancing this morning. ‘Enough Is Enough’ of the old regime it’s time to try something different.  How lovely it would be to take my Dancing Queen in hold this morning:


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