Dementia: In The Dog House!

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Maureen let me have it in no uncertain manner last night.  She was concerned that the house stunk, was a mess and men had unlimited access to her sleeping quarters.  It was one of those occasions when I left her to rant and made my way upstairs to bed.  A few hours later she woke crying out for help as her mouth felt so dry.

Helping someone to resolve a dry mouth is relatively easy.  The normal remedies of a drink and a lozenge soon eased things.  However, this episode is a warning for me to support Maureen with oral hygiene as she often forgets to clean her teeth.  I’m also tempted to spill cold water down her this morning to see if this will encourage her to have a shower, wash her hair and change her clothing.  Girl Saturday did her best to spruce Maureen up yesterday but heard that ‘she was waiting for the weekend when we would be visiting her mum’.

I’m struggling to comprehend Maureen’s reality this morning as one of her opening questions was about ‘when I thought the war would end’.  She then sat for ages trying to remember her parent’s birthdays before barricading herself in the bedroom because she thought I had a dog in the house!

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