Dementia: Is There A Pill For It?

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Personal care has become a significant issue for Maureen in the last few weeks. She has been wearing the same pair of pyjamas since I collected her from Alderlea Care Home ten days ago.  She has also refused to shower or wash her hair.  It would be interesting to know if the pharmaceutical industry has a name for this aspect of her presentation and a pill for it.

Maureen has mixed dementia, predominantly vascular, and there is no medication for her condition.  That doesn’t mean that she hasn’t been offered pills.  A couple of years ago antidepressants were offered and declined.  More recently ’emotional incontinence’ was flagged up as a possibility when her Care Coordinator heard her in floods of tears.  Thankfully, treatment in the form of pills, although available was never offered.

I think it would be unfortunate if Maureen remained in her PJ’s this morning as she would want to look her best when her favourite granddaughter arrives in a few hours. With no pills at my disposal and Maureen’s Hairdresser (as she calls Girl Tuesday) on holiday, it’s down to your truly to sort this one out.

My early morning plan has gone out the window as I failed to entice Maureen into the marital bed: a shower can sometimes follow if the going is good.  Plan B which involved spilling a glass of cold water over her would not be helpful as she has been crying because she has ‘nothing to wear and people are laughing at her’.  She thinks ‘going home to her mum’ would solve everything: I can understand her thinking which is more than I can say about those who believe popping pills is always the solution!


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