Dementia: From Dreams To Reality

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Maureen woke me rather early this morning concerned that she had a plane to catch.  She was trying to find the lady who was travelling with her.  As I was half awake at the time I didn’t pursue the issue but assumed they were going on holiday together.  It took her a while to accept that she must have been dreaming before she drifted back into sleeping on the sofa.

I couldn’t sleep after my early awakening and tidied up a few things before going back to bed.  My dream didn’t wake me up but I have a recollection of being back on the shop floor of the car industry and struggling to find the machine I was working on.  Being lost in all sorts of situations often features in my dreams for some strange reason.

The reality this morning is that builders will be her shortly to continue digging out for the foundations of our Day Room.  Maureen doesn’t seem particularly unsettled by their presence possibly because they have made it safe for us to access the lawned area of our back garden.  She appeared to have a good time with our carer yesterday afternoon,  from the laughter that rang out from our dining room.  It will be interesting to see how things go this morning with a Temporary Girl Wednesday who is with us for the remainder of the week: a much younger model renowned for her vivid clothing.

I hope Maureen is awake before I go out this morning following an unfortunate incident two days ago when Girl Sunday had a difficult time dealing with hostile challenges to her presence.  It was rather fortunate that Maureen’s son arrived shortly after she awoke and took over the baton and was told in no uncertain terms what his mother thought of him.  Thankfully, Maureen calmed down before his departure and as he left he said ‘two different mothers today’.

Those early moments when you first wake up always difficult: when you have dementia and have been dreaming it must be a nightmare to try to establish your reality.  As  I drafted this post, Maureen was swirling a tea towel around her body and enquiring if she had to go to school today!

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