Dementia: Digger Or Dumper?

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Andy our builder is due to start work on our Day Room this morning.  The extension will run right across the back of the house alongside the current one in the dining room.  It will include an additional a shower room.

I’m going to be spoiled for choice when I need to distract Maureen this morning.  Should she drive the Digger or the Dumper?  It will be interesting to see how things go with workmen around for a couple of months.  However, the prospect of being able to sit all year round and look out on our back garden will hopefully make it all worthwhile:

There are two aspects to Maureen’s reality this morning.  Her early concerns were that ‘I should get out of bed before her mother found us together’ but she reassured me that ‘there would be other opportunities to sleep together’.  A little later she came rushing downstairs worried that I’d gone without her.  I hesitate to speculate what she will think when our builders arrive shortly!

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