Dementia: Bananas In Pyjamas


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I have made a decision to show solidarity with Maureen this morning: if you can’t beat them join them.  When we go to buy some bananas shortly I’m also going to be clad in PJ Pants.  She has had hers on since Monday and my attempts to encourage to change into more suitable attire have failed.  However, she has followed my advice on another front by taking laxative drinks and things have moved.  It is a relief that the aggression has been flushed away but unfortunately the confusion remains with constant changes in her reality.

One of my daily struggles is working out who Maureen thinks I am at any particular moment in time.  Earlier on, when she gave me the ‘good news’ I was pretty sure that she thought I was her husband.  Less than half an hour later she was calling me grandad and asking me questions about working in a coal mine as if I was her mother’s father.

Maureen is keen to get back home this morning to see her mum and dad: she really misses her birth family and longs to be in the company of her brother and sister.   She has already forgotten my reminder that one of her sons will be here in a few hours.   It will be interesting to see what impact popping down the road to the Spa Stores has on her reality and what the shop assistants think of our attire!


2 thoughts on “Dementia: Bananas In Pyjamas

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