Dementia: ‘You Are My Hero’

Maureen spent most of yesterday on the attack, today she is full of gratitude.  My status yesterday was Zeo today it’s Hero.  Thankfully, I knew that constipation was the real villain: creating dramatic changes in Maureen’s presentation.

Unfortunately, we are not out of the wars yet but there is room for optimism this morning with movement a distinct possibility.  It was late in the evening before Maureen accepted the intervention she needed from Rapid Response Nurses after declining help that was offered from District Nurses earlier in the day.

What a difference a week can make.  Seven days ago I was enjoying a meal with two Professors during my Pilgrimage To Paddington.  A week later I was sitting outside the bathroom supporting my wife as she sought the movement she so sorely needed.

Professor Tom Schuller always encourages his former student to share his learning on this journey:

  • UTI’s create confusion: constipation causes havoc.
  •  The prospect of constipation needs to be addressed before Maureen goes into a Care Home again.

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