Dementia: Compassionate Carers

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I am frequently overwhelmed by the dedication and compassion of Maureen’s carers. When I called into Alderlea Care Home yesterday several members of staff asked me how she was doing.  People I had never met before were genuinely interested in her welfare.  It was reassuring to hear from the Activities Organiser that Maureen had joined in with her programme; entertaining others with her flamboyant dancing.  I think it is likely that they may see further performances from my Dancing Queen the next time I need a break!

We had a pleasant surprise in the afternoon when one of our weekend carers popped in to say hello.  She had kindly offered to cover the shifts of her co-worker who has moved onto other things.  This was great news as she has an excellent rapport with Maureen.  Unfortunately, I made a joke that misfired with Maureen thinking she had cheekily popped in for lunch!

Early this morning, following a toilet break I managed to steer Maureen upstairs for the first time since her return home.  It was good to be together in the marital bedroom once again.

I’ve been following my new morning routine today.  Cyber friends like Henri continue to provide invaluable support on this journey.  Maureen’s early morning focus is on ‘how did we get here and have we moved to a foreign country?’  My Tea Boy duties are currently on hold as our milk is sour.  This will give us a chance to get back into the old routine with a little bit of cognitive stimulation in our local Spa Shop.  My only dilemma is whether to try to cajole Maureen out of the P J’s she has been wearing for the last three days before she ventures outside!

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