Dementia: Reviewing Our Routines

I have always found it difficult to settle down after a holiday.  Sometimes I have really struggled to get back into my old routines after a short break in the sun.  My Respite Break has left me with a feeling of uncertainty about where to pick up the reins of being a Care Partner for Maureen.  Therefore, I have decided to draw on the work of two fellow bloggers to help me review my routines:

Henri’s post on ‘How to have a good day’ is giving me a creative start for my mornings.

Christy Turner (Dementia Sherpa) has posted a helpful approach to communication:

We both slept well again last night.  The new sleeping arrangements are clearly paying off.  However, Maureen woke in the night with familiar concerns about being left by herself and then said: ‘I wish someone would adopt me but I suppose I’m too old for that’.  When she woke a couple of hours later she said ‘will someone please help me’ as she couldn’t remember where the bathroom was.

Maureen’s Carers have also been encouraged to review their routines.  Our Key Worker has revised our Support Plans emphasising the importance of taking Maureen out for walks and engaging her in stimulating activities.

It will be interesting to see how Maureen reacts to the new routines.  I’m optimistic that her thoughts on adoption will fade as we all seek to engage her in positive pursuits!


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