Dementia: Facing A Dilemma

Image result for A Caregivers Dilemma Picture

During my return journey to Cleethorpes yesterday I continually mulled over whether to bring Maureen’s stay in a Care Home to a premature end.  I’ve had a good break and feel relatively refreshed.  My Pilgrimage to Paddington has been completed successfully and I have met Irving Kirsch along with Tom Schuller:

I called in at Coventry and saw how my mum and brother are being looked after in their respective Homes.  On Saturday evening I had a lovely time in the company of my eldest daughter and her family.

On Sunday morning I sat on a bench in the War Memorial Park thinking about all sorts of things.  I thought about how fortunate I had been that my parents had survived the war: mum sheltering under the dining room table during the Blitz and dad flying 40 missions as a Tail Gunner.

I spoke to the manager at Alderlea Care Home last night and the news remains positive. She reported that Maureen has settled in well and is not giving any cause for concern.  It is really a ‘no-brainer’ to decide whether to bring her home this afternoon or leave it until Wednesday. I know what Maureen has always done when she has faced a similar dilemma, during my depressive episodes: brought me home at the earliest opportunity!

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