Dementia: A Piece Of Cake

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Shortly after 2 pm yesterday, our Key Worker eased Maureen into Alderlea Care Home with the prospect of coffee and cake.  Her trust in him is well founded.  It is lovely to watch his person-centred approach, which has clearly won the trust of someone who is often suspicious of the motives of professional staff.  We are very fortunate to have a Key Worker who is passionate about ensuring Maureen remains at home!

From what I have seen so far Maureen is in good hands at Alderlea Care Home for the next week.  My reception when I turned up unannounced yesterday morning was first class.  Despite being in the throes of a busy morning everyone I came into contact with made time for me and gave me positive vibes about the place.

One of my shortcomings is that first impressions count with me and the last time I popped into Alderlea I didn’t like the look or the feel of the place.  In retrospect, my judgement may have been coloured by seeing a dear old friend who had become a shadow of herself.  Sadly this beautiful lady has passed away as have my memories of being shocked by her decline.  Yesterday, I saw the place through different eyes: somewhere full of potential for my dear wife to have a positive experience.

The room allocated for Maureen has been nicely decorated and has the view of a garden that she will be able to walk around whenever she needs fresh air.  Alderlea is very spacious and there are lots of areas to explore and plenty of places to sit including a large conservatory.

Before I bade our Key Worker farewell yesterday and thanked him for his support I outlined how I saw how our Support Plan needed review:

  • Respite breaks every 4 weeks ( something I have been reluctant to accept)!
  • Carers to focus on stimulation and activity rather than providing a sitting service
  • Carers to provide lunch at the weekend.

I will be with the early birds at the Leisure Centre shortly to loosen up this old body of mine.  On my return, I will begin to make some headway in another mountain of paperwork and take action on some pressing matters.  I will leave Alderlea to it for the coming week confident that they are well qualified, as a Home that specialises in dementia, to look after Maureen: I know they will contact me if they need to!


2 thoughts on “Dementia: A Piece Of Cake

  1. Good Morning from Spokane, WA!!!

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU for taking some time for yourself that is more than just a few hours in a day! I will never, ever be able to know what you are experiencing in your life.

    Like one of your professional helpers said the last time Maureen was in a “home” while you had some respite time… No place she stays will ever be 100% perfect, from not sleeping to “lost” clothing, etc. Staying with you in your home is never 100% perfect……people are human and despite doing the best they can….nothing is ever 100% perfect.

    BUT you MUST take time for yourself. Please, please take the respite break every 4 weeks. Do you know what that time frame will look like for you? A few hours, a day or two or several days.? I’m hoping several days EVERY 4 WEEKS or you’ll NEVER really have had a break.

    Take care. I read every single post you write. I worry so much about you from thousands of miles away.

    Trudy Rux


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