Dementia: Pipe Dreams

Image result for A Pipe Dream Picture

I have to hold my hand up and admit my plans to take Maureen to London for the day have been a pipe dream.  This realisation came to me belatedly yesterday when the challenges from Maureen’s presentation were coming thick and fast.  What I had chosen to ignore was a question posed to me by Girl Tuesday, when she herself had been under attack:  ‘what if she goes off on one when you are in London?’

I have never seen or heard Maureen in the state she got herself into yesterday.  The things she said about me do need repeating and accusations about a relationship with Girl Tuesday were insulting.  It was sad to hear Maureen tell her favourite carer to ‘get out of her house’ and accuse her of being ‘a loose woman’.  G T sensibly kept her distance as Maureen constantly invaded her space and eventually I advised her to leave early for her own safety.  As always G T showed her undoubted skills; completely unhindered by being six months pregnant.

Our Key Worker will be here this afternoon to help the transition of Maureen into a Care Home for four nights.  He bailed me out yesterday, promptly finding another option when Ashgrove said they were no longer staffed to cope with Maureen following my cancellation of our booking on Monday.

It will be interesting to see how Maureen reacts to being in Alderlea and whether Care Homes always turn out to be her worst nightmare!

Footnote:  I drafted the above late last night during a calmer moment.  This morning I am no longer ‘Public Enemy Number One’: Maureen thinks I’m her dad.  She is ranting this morning about all sorts of things as she walks about the house and garden.

Taking Maureen to London was my Pipe Dream anyone who thinks my current Support Package is adequate is suffering from similar hallucinations.  I’m posting early this morning so I can concentrate onto containing Maureen until our Key Worker arrives at 1.30  to help me get Maureen into Alderlea so I can enjoy some much-needed  RESPITE!


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