Dementia: Reminiscing From Dawn Until Dusk

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Reminiscing was a constant feature of yesterday.  I started as soon as I woke remembering the events of 45 years ago when my first child was born.  I had taken my wife into the nearby Maternity Unit on the previous day with high blood pressure.  A knock came on the door early the next day with a neighbour asking me ‘If I knew my wife had given birth to a little girl’.

When my sister and her husband arrived at noon lots of memories came flooding back of their kindness to us over the years.  They had brought enough food with them to keep us going without turning the cooker on for a couple of days:  great stock for my mission of Reclaiming The Weekends.

After lunch, I selected some vinyl and we played ‘spot that tune’ attempting to test my brother in laws memory of tunes from a while ago.  As a former band member, his recollection of popular music of our era is outstanding.  Although I did catch him out with Anne Murray:

Another good friend came by in the afternoon to remind Maureen of her friendship with a young man.  Blackie popped into the garden several times to pick up his daily supply of grapes and take them back to family in a nearby tree.

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As I was watering plants in towards dusk music from Tribute Bands from a concert a short distance away drifted across our garden.  When they played Mr Tambourine Man I was taken back to a week in Margate at the age of 18 and Dominique my holiday romance.

The only downside to what Maureen described as ‘a lovely day’ was me needing treatment for hay fever for the first time in my life.  It took me a while to recognise the symptoms as I had never suffered before.  Even my discomfort had a positive outcome as the cognitive stimulation Maureen got from our trip to the pharmacy at Tesco had to be seen to be believed:  she was in her element as she supported me to find a solution to my sore eyes and runny nose.

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