Dementia: ‘Listen To Carers’

As Carers Week draws to a close Beth Britton makes a salutary point: ‘Listen To Carers’. This extract from her blog, D4Dementia, is reproduced with her kind permission:

‘My interview with Havas Lynx where I talk about the wealth of knowledge and experience carers have and the importance of capturing that

The challenge for all of us, however, is to find ways of capturing carer knowledge – at every juncture of a carer’s life – to benefit others, be they family carers or professionals. And if you are a health or social care professional, NEVER consider yourself more learned or accomplished than a family carer, be they a current or former family carer. That unique pull of circumstances and emotions creates a rarefied learning experience that really is – both positively and sometimes negatively – second to none’.

I consider myself very fortunate that our Key Worker always stresses the importance of ‘being led by me’.  He made this point again yesterday when I was asserting Maureen’s presentation is often a reaction rather than evidence of progression of dementia: time will tell if I’m really getting my message across!

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