Dementia: Pain Without Any Gain!

Image result for Stopping The Pain Picture

We are both in considerable pain this morning: Maureen is in mental anguish and I’m in physical discomfort.

Our troubles began early yesterday evening when Maureen woke from a nap completely disoriented.  Her first concern was that someone had moved our toilet facilities and there was nowhere to relieve herself.  This then moved onto distress about a missing boy and the trouble she would be in for not looking after him.  Searches around the local area were not fruitful and heightened her concerns.  My distraction strategies hardly made any difference and she was far from settled as I went to bed at 10’o’ clock.

At two ‘o’ clock this morning Maureen disclosed that she was concerned about yesterday’s visit by our Key Worker and a colleague.  They were progressing a DoLS Application.  Maureen is trying to work out what was behind his searching questions? Such thoughts must be so disturbing to someone who feels professional staff have the capacity to lock her up and throw away the key.  I think she may have grasped that arrangements to deprive her of her liberty are about to be formalised.

I will be seeking a meeting with our Key Worker to look at how we address the distress that has followed his visit.   I will also be requesting an urgent appointment with my G P to seek some resolution to the pain in the right shoulder.  There are some immediate measures I can take to deal with my pain: Maureen’s discomfort is not as easy to address!


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