Dementia: More In-Home Respite

Image result for Respite Break Dementia Picture

Girl every other Saturday and Sunday put in two excellent shifts at the weekend. Maureen is always pleased to see her and happy to help her around the house.  When I returned from the Leisure Centre on Sunday my senses were aroused on two fronts. Firstly, by the aroma of Sunday Lunch well underway.  Secondly, Maureen looking good with a change of clothing and hair washed following a shower.  What a return from an investment of additional hours personal and domestic care over the weekend.  I’m confident that this afternoon will see even more value for money when Girl Tuesday afternoon puts in another shift.

I almost messed thing up last week by plunging the new kid on the block in at the deep end by mentioning new underwear to Maureen.  Thankfully, Nat King Cole rescued the situation and by the end of her shift, the two girls were good pals.  Her later start time this afternoon will hopefully set us off on an even better the track.

My sister has offered even more respite this coming Saturday.  She and her husband are renting a cottage a few miles away and will be popping into see us during the week. When she said that they will be coming on Saturday and not bother about lunch as they will be bringing it all with them I thought that is what you really call respite: good company and lunch into the bargain!

GREAT NEWS:  I began cognitive stimulation therapy in the community yesterday and as you will see <HERE> we got off to a flying start.  If I keep my nerve and listen to Maureen I’m confident that her progress will turn the heads of our Multi-Disciplinary Team and encourage them to consign Prescribed Disengagement (Swaffer) to the history book!


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