Dementia: ‘Buzz Off Blackie’

Maureen was in good form yesterday and kept me in stitches for much of the day.  The best giggle of the day didn’t come from watching her dancing whilst holding onto the washing line: it was when she saw off ‘Blackie’.  She said ‘they were playing chase’.  How wrong I’ve been when we have been walking around the streets looking for a lost boy that’s she’s been playing with – it’s her tame blackbird she’s been talking about.

Things were not looking so funny after a late evening walk along the beach.  When we arrived back home she refused to get out of the car as I had brought her to ‘a strange house’.  I left her by herself for a while then took her out for another ride around.  Then the prospect of a cup of tea eased her into the house.  She was fast asleep on the sofa before she had time to drink it.  I bet she was dreaming of chasing that bird around the garden!

When Maureen woke shortly before midnight she was ‘giving me the bird’: telling me to go away in Anglos Saxon.  She was also making it clear that she didn’t think my parents were married when I was born.  How on earth could I be any other when I ‘kept stealing her car and never took her out in it’.  A couple of hours later and my status had changed as she searched for somewhere to sleep before deciding to bed down on the sofa in the lounge.

At six ‘o’ clock this morning Maureen was clearly about to tell me to ‘Buzz Off’.  Finding her freezing cold and my slippers adjacent to the pedal bin in the kitchen I decided upon emergency action to warm her up on the sofa:

Once I presented myself as her Tea Boy with the first cuppa of the day I knew this lad would not be given his Marching Orders just yet!



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