Dementia: Maureen’s Left Foot

Image result for My Left Foot PictureOur day didn’t go at all as we planned yesterday.  Rain stopped play as far as our trip to Louth was concerned then Maureen’s left foot led to us being housebound until early afternoon.

Maureen’s left foot rarely feels comfortable following her stroke.  It is frequently cold and yesterday’s remedy, two pairs of thermal socks, caused immediate problems.  She sat for quite some time trying to find a way of easing a foot that was probably size eight into a shoe that was size seven.  Eventually, she gave up on the idea suggesting that roller skates or a pushchair might solve the situation.  It is refreshing to hear that she can still think outside the box.

I was really relieved when Girl every other Saturday arrived at noon.  I had misread a letter from her Care Agency and expecting a  new kid on the block I had cancelled the call.  What I had missed was that this change is going to take place next week because the other weekender is no longer working for the Agency.  This is a real pity as we will be losing someone else who Maureen liked and will be facing another period of uncertainty.

Maureen’s problems with her foot faded once she was in the company of another woman.  She spent the next couple of hours chatting, joining in with preparations for lunch and tidying up the house.  How fortunate our Key Worker realised that I had got it wrong and did not cancel the call!

Our evening stroll took the normal circular route with me commenting on landmarks as we walked around what I hope is becoming familiar territory.  I didn’t let go of Maureen’s hand during our walk.  However,  I’m hoping I might be able to relax a little as we repeat the exercise.  I have to play this one very carefully as I have warned off engaging in any ‘positive risk taking in the community’.  It would be reckless for me to go down this road until I have cleared my strategy for giving Maureen an element of freedom with professional staff.

We finished the evening off with ‘The Great Parsnip Hunt’.  If they are not on the plate for Sunday Dinner the Resident Chef would be on a Final Warning.  As our local Spa Stores rarely stocks this precious vegetable we ventured into Cleethorpes to ensure that they will be on the menu today.  It was good to see that Maureen didn’t appear to feel out of place in the unfamiliar surroundings. of Cleethorpes Coop.

It’s a fairly bright start to the morning and we haven’t any fixed plans today.  If the going is good I might pop to the Leisure Centre and leave the girls to prepare vegetables for the return of the Resident Chef.  I just wonder if I could ever teach Maureen to Chef again but I think forgetting how to cook might just be a ‘Cunning Plan’ on her behalf!

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