Dementia: Fabulous Friday

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Lots of good things happened yesterday hence Fabulous Friday:

  • Girl Friday put in another sterling performance engaging Maureen throughout her visit.  We will miss her when she goes on Maternity Leave.
  • Maureen’s Occupational Therapist called to offer support on cognitive stimulation.  She assured me that I was ‘doing all the right things’ and warmed to my ideas on community cognitive stimulation.  We have agreed to touch base at the end of next week to review progress on CCS.
  • Two Community Support Officers called following a chance meeting with their sergeant the previous evening.  They have us on their radar and will support us in all sorts of ways.
  • Maureen really came good in an evening visit to our local Spa Stores.  She reminded me that we needed sugar and looked very comfortable as we searched for bargains.

We had planned to go to Louth today as Maureen was keen to add to her wardrobe.  Unfortunately, after a beautiful sunrise rain has set in but the weather is not going to spoil our day.  If it remains wet we will call to see the friendly stallholder in Freeman Street Market.

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