Dementia: Rescued By The Police Again

Image result for Humberside police pictureAfter we had placed our cross on the ballot paper last night a local Police Officer became my hero once again. On a previous occasion, his team had found Maureen when she got lost on a nearby Holiday Camp.  This time, he helped to bring her down to earth after a period of chronic uncertainty after a visit by her son.  As soon as she heard his voice she remembered him and this shifted her reality from the confusion concerning events earlier in the day.  The added bonus was that he is going to arrange for one of his officers to help me process the Herbert Protocol.

Maureen’s presentation yesterday afternoon led me to the conclusion that family members who are only able to visit us occasionally are now on ‘Mission Impossible’. It must be difficult for busy visitors to grasp how to play it when Maureen puts herself in the Hostess Mode.  They are unlikely to see through her act and understand what it takes out of her to put on a special performance for their benefit.

Half an hour after her son left it became clear that Maureen had no idea who he was.  An hour later she had no recollection of having a visitor – her focus was on ‘a missing lady and catching a plane’.

I think there is no alternative than to run with what happens when visitors from a distance away visit.  It is becoming Mission Impossible to help them to understand the progression of Maureen’s condition and resist behaving as they always have.  Thank goodness you can always depend on the Boys in Blue when you need them!

Footnote: My Good Music page will give you a hint as to how we voted last night.

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