Dementia: Moving Ahead

Pravs J - Keep Moving Ahead

I have decided not to tempt fate by calling yesterday ‘Wonderful Wednesday’ because as soon I sat on the physio’s table at 8.30 am I  knew that it was going to be a good day.  In capable hands once again, I realised that the sleepless nights because of severe pain in my right shoulder were coming to an end.  My destiny on that front is now in my own hands; do the exercises, pay for private treatment and all will be well.  A couple of hours later things became clearer and got even better.

Harrison House is across the road from St Hughs Hospital and the cafe was a sensible place to meet our Key Worker.  We often meet there as it gives me the opportunity to thank the staff who supported me during my darkest hour.  Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting a Psychiatric Doctor who had recently become a Consultant: he was genuinely pleased with my congratulations and my ongoing praise for his support.

As always, I  had a productive meeting with our Key Worker.  He helped me to see that my panic over the DoLS issue was understandable but rather misplaced.  Although Maureen’s liberty has to be restricted at this moment in time (see below) it is a means of her remaining safe in her own home.  We also discussed a number of other matters in relation to our Support Package which it would not be appropriate to outline here.

The cream on the cake came during late afternoon with the arrival of a builder to look at the plans for our Day Room.  He had been recommended by a tradesman that we trust and I immediately liked his style, especially with Maureen.   As soon as I explained our situation his empathy and understanding was clear: his personal experience obvious – his mother passed away following a period of dementia.  I hope it won’t be long before he’s ‘digging out’ to lay the foundations to improve the state of ‘Maureen’s Care Home’!

Footnote:  The current Occupational Therapy assessment is that Maureen is not safe in the community unless she is escorted.  I’ve had a successful career in the field of Lifelong Learning and we need to consider if it is possible for me to teach Maureen how to become safe in the community once again.



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