Dementia: The Shape Of Things To Come?


Image result for The Shape Of things To Come With Dementia Picture

I’m drafting this post at 11 ‘o’ clock at night hoping that Maureen will fall asleep while she is downstairs by herself.  It is pretty wild outside so it is not a good time to wander the streets with her as she tries to find her way home to her husband and children.  She is aware that I have locked her in and has accused me of ‘losing it’.  This is a rather disappointing end to a very pleasant evening listening to some of our favourite records.

Nat King Cole dug me out of a hole earlier in the day after Maureen reacted with hostility when I suggested that she might like to go shopping with a new carer.  She remonstrated with me strongly to that suggestion making it very clear that ‘I should stop trying to interfere in her life’.  Half an hour later she was singing and dancing with the new kid on the block as Nat serenaded them both.   Girl Tuesday afternoon will be back next week at a slightly later time.

I’m now on another steep learning curve of how to balance Maureen’s safety whilst minimising her distress.  I would still contend that it is premature for a DoLS application as that might well restrict my room to negotiate a pragmatic way forward.  This is one of the many issues I need to discuss with our Key Worker when we meet at 9.30 in the morning.

Update at 7 am:  The night passed relatively peacefully with Maureen eventually making her way upstairs.  She woke a couple of times in the night concerned about the welfare and whereabouts of her mum.

Maureen’s demanour this morning has me completely baffled.  She is trying to work out if we are married and if she has been down the aisle on a previous occasion.  Whilst her confusion on her marital status is paramount all underwear is in place for the first time in ages:  perhaps she has called time on being a member of Women’s Lib!



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