Dementia: Positive Risk Taking In PJ’s Paid Off

Image result for positive risk taking picture

When Maureen woke in despair yesterday I knew I had to pull out all the stops to try to shift her mindset.  I went for it throughout the day and my positive risk taking paid off with a beautiful climax in the evening.  It took me a while to decide whether to go for it as Maureen sat in clothes that were all inside out with pants on top of her pyjama bottoms.  However, I thought in for a penny and got more than a pound.

Maureen is transformed this morning after seeing her aunt and uncle.  She can’t stop thanking me for taking her to see them.  Seeing her with those who loved and looked after her as a little girl is priceless.  Listening to them they reminisce about the good old days is heartening. The amazing thing is my misreading of a crucial matter – I was frequently trying to steer the conversation away from Maureen’s parents for fear that her relatives would confirm they were dead: Maureen assures me she was on the same mission!

Wearing PJ bottoms paid off earlier in the day when Maureen had popped out by herself.  I heard the locked front door open as I was in the bathroom.  Maureen had scarpered before I could get some clothes on but I soon found her a short distance away being steered back home by some locals who had spotted her unusual attire.  I caught up with them as they were about to phone 101 about the lady with a key in hand who was looking for ‘her friend Paul who would have her dinner on.’

I’m not sure if there is a moral to this story apart from you never know what you are going to get with vascular dementia particularly if you are dressed appropriately.  One thing for sure we need to pop into the local Spa Store more often as the assistants there gave Maureen such a lovely start to the day yesterday.  They helped her to choose which cordial to buy and gave her so much more.   As she offered them a £10 note she had them in stitches as she bantered with me about all sorts of things.

All staff at our local Spa Store are dementia friendly and such support in the local community makes a real difference to our lives.  I’m just wondering if we pop down there shortly if it would distract Maureen from her current focus of us ‘getting a move on or we will miss the bus to take us back home.’

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