Dementia: Dealing With DOLs

Image result for Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Picture

After Maureen’s Run Away Day professional staff are considering if they should apply for a DOLs order in her own home.  It can be argued that DOLs is the best way of keeping Maureen safe in the community but there are serious shortcomings of this approach.

While we were out walking yesterday evening Maureen thought we would be in trouble as she had got the impression that: ‘they thought she was stupid and should be locked in the house’.  She had told Girl Friday a similar story: ‘that her cousin had told her that she was no longer allowed out’.

I have decided to address the DOLs concerns with Circuit Training.  We started the programme last night with several walks around the block.  Maureen may not have remembered the route but her pleasant memories of walking hand in hand will remain: feeling matter (Sheard):

Our Training tonight training will be moved up a notch as I let go of her hand for short periods of time and encourage her to stroll around safe areas under her own steam i.e. set her off at one end of a Close and meet her at the other.

If Maureen believes she is ‘stupid’ then we are on the road to Prescribed Disengagement:

With luck ideas, concerning DOLs can remain where they are best kept: on the shelf!

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