Dementia: A Change Of Perspective


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I think I have been looking at things from the wrong perspective as I have tried to fathom a way forward on this hazardous journey.  Firstly, I have been focusing on Maureen behaviour rather than my reaction to her presentation.  Secondly, I have been concentrating on the view from our lounge rather than reflecting on the beauty of our back garden.  Yesterday,  two people offered me another route on this journey that might just help us return to the straight and narrow.

Christy Moore posted Validation Therapy& Therapeutic Fiblets in Action with real life examples of how to deal with some of the very issues that  Maureen presents on mosts days.  I found her suggestions on how to deal with ‘Wanting To Go Home’ particularly helpful.

The plans from Daniel our architect on a Sun Room as an extension to our house helped me to see how our usual view has been from the wrong perspective.  How lovely it will be to spend our days overlooking our beautiful rear garden rather than the bungalows that are across the road.

If I begin to focus on my behaviour rather than Maureen’s, and we concentrate on looking out of rear windows this journey might just become a little easier in future!

My perspective on yesterday was that we had a really good day:

  • Girl Wednesday was back on duty after 12 weeks off sick
  • Maureen passed her physical with the GP.   His compassionate approach was, as always, person-centred.
  • Maureen’s Care Coordinator discharged her from the Memory Service back into the care of her GP.
  • Maureen was happy and contented for most of the day.  She wondered why the Care Coordinator and her colleague had paid us a visit.  She was puzzled why they hadn’t rewarded us with a prize following their compliments about our rear garden.
  •  We had a lovely afternoon walk around our neighbourhood.
  • We slept well together for most of the night apart from one minor incident when Maureen thought there was a leaking gas pipe in the bedroom.


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