Dementia: A Run Away Day

Image result for Dementia Assessment Needed PictureI  am requesting an urgent review of our Support Plan this morning after Maureen chose to run away yesterday, rather than have an Away Day.  She slipped off from a carer early afternoon and a couple of hours later declined a short car trip preferring to walk around the local area almost to the point of exhaustion.  Her behaviour during that time exceeded anything I had seen before: vitriol towards me was par for the course but trying to get into neighbour’s cars and homes were new territory.  Thankfully, even those we had never met before grasped that Maureen was unwell and reacted to her compassionately rather than summoning the Police.

It may have been a blessing that the Emergency Services were unable to respond to my request for assistance; their presence could have taken Maureen down an unhelpful path.  If she hadn’t turned round from her mission to walk towards Cleethorpes an ambulance crew were scheduled to intervene.  That may have led to a lengthy period of assessment that would merely have confirmed that her presentation had changed or her condition had progressed.

The night has been far from peaceful with Maureen waking around 2 am convinced that ‘they are trying to put her into a black box.’  She fails to understand ‘why they are trying to get her as she has no money.’

As soon as lines open I will seek a physical review of Maureen’s condition with her GP.  It is possible that infection is creating havoc with her presentation.  I’m also concerned that she appears to be losing weight, as yesterday’s carer was keen to point out.

I’m hoping that our Key Worker will be able to put in some additional support to see if we can help Maureen settle down.  Her Care Coordinator from the Memory Service will be here at 3.30 pm ‘to close the case and refer her back to her G P.’  I think a review of that decision would be appropriate the way things are going!

I just couldn’t resist this after yesterday:

5 thoughts on “Dementia: A Run Away Day

  1. “The time has come,” the Walrus said,
    “To talk of many things:
    Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–
    Of cabbages–and kings–

    “The time has come, i fear,” she said
    “To talk of certain things”
    Of 24 hour care – around the clock
    Of more relief for you.

    i know that susan saw this blog post of yours and it would be interesting to get her feedback


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