Dementia: An Away Day Beckons

Image result for Respite Break Dementia picture

If things go according to plan today we are going to have another Away Day.  We plan to be chauffeur driven to visit family in Nottingham.  An Away Day with family is a great way of having a time off from my caring role.  All we will have to cope with tomorrow is a little tiredness; rather than clearing up from the aftermath of Maureen’s stay in a Care Home!

Unfortunately, yesterday did not go according to plan as I had overlooked that Girl Monday has moved to Tuesday.  Now heavy with child ‘Maureen’s Hairdresser’ has reduced her hours and no longer works Monday’s.  However, she will be here on Wednesday and I’m hoping that can be a Pamper Day.

Maureen will love going to Nottingham today to nurture her younger sister.  I’ll be happy to take a back seat while the two of them catch up and chat about the good old days.   I  only hope I have got my days, and who will be where and when, right today.

OMG, the odds have just lengthened on us making Nottingham.  Maureen has just told me she is aiming to ‘get back into hospital as no one is looking after her here.’  It’s going to be another interesting day!

Footnote: the amount of sleep I’m getting continues to improve as you will

Bad News: Maureen says it is too cold to go to Nottingham so no Away Day Today.

Even Worse News: Girl Tuesday has been taken to hospital following a fall at a previous call – I hope she is OK!

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