Dementia: Hot Weather and Hallucinations

Hallucinations while sleepingTemperatures were soaring here again yesterday.  We got off to an early start at a local Car Boot Sale where I bought some additional plants for my vegetable plot.  It was so hot by the time we returned home that I’m not sure if they will have made it through the night.

When Girl Saturday arrived Maureen asked her ‘if she had enjoyed Christmas’.  She soon hooked into Maureen’s reality sharing how things had gone back in December.  As she skillfully moved Maureen from the lounge to ironing in the kitchen the catching up exercise from Maureen’s stay in Respite Care was moved forward.  All that remains from that episode is the return of several important items of Maureen’s clothing.

As  Sanchez popped in an early opener for the ‘Gooners’ in the F A Cup Final a challenging series of events began to unfold.  Maureen told me she had rescued a little boy in the garden who had got entwined in some garden canes.  He had been taken away by firemen as he had also fallen into a ditch used for drainage by the Golf Club.  We then searched the local streets for him for over an hour with Maureen becoming increasingly upset about his welfare.  It took a couple of calls on my mobile to and from the Home Treatment Team before I managed to get Maureen home.

During our final trek home, Maureen left me in no doubt that she could see through the ‘lies of the Nurse’ who had advised her to go back to the house saying: ‘those people think I’m stupid and tell me anything to get me to do what they want’.   However, her choice of language left me in no doubt that she thought the Nurse who spoke to her on the phone was born out of wedlock. 

Maureen woke several times in the night concerned or scared about one thing or another.  If I am to survive this part of our journey I need to work hard on getting adequate quality sleep and I will detail my approach <HERE>.

Just as I was concluding this post I  responded to Maureen crying in the bedroom.  She has returned to a familiar theme that ‘ she wants to go home as no one wants her or comes to see her’.  I have suggested that we could visit folk who can’t make it here at the moment but I genuinely think she is too worn out for a long car journey in this heat.  Thankfully, the subject of my Good Music page will be here at noon and that is something for us both to look forward to!



4 thoughts on “Dementia: Hot Weather and Hallucinations

  1. I have on many occasions pretended to take a phone call from the police (or someone) telling me that ….. has been found and is absolutely fine. It goes along the lines of “hello” …. ‘yes’ …… ‘oh that’s good …. “oh that is good news, we have been very worried” … “yes” …. “oh ok” … “well at least they are ok and we can relax now. Thank you so much for letting us know” … “ok. Bye…” It has always worked – but i did also have to be prepared for the many questions wanting more detail – so a lot of thinking on the feet xo tinues to be needed. How do people who are not so intelligent or sharp of mind supposed to cope?!? Hope this helps. Gill

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      1. You are very kind Janet. I’m fortunate that my professional career was in Adult Learning and I studied myself with some of the best minds in the field.


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