Dementia: Memories Of The White House

Image result for the white house agni corfu picture

It was warm enough in Cleethorpes yesterday to remind us of the beautiful holidays we spent in Corfu.  The memories of those hot days scrambling over the rocks from Kalami to Agni Bay taking in the White House, pictured above, came flooding back.  This is the spot where Gerald Durrell wrote My Family and Other Animals.

It may have been the aroma of factor 30 sun tan lotion that brought back the nostalgia of those beautiful days in Corfu.  One year we had three separate fortnights in Kalami; each time as we landed on the island keeping our fingers crossed that we would be ‘allocated on arrival’ to our favourite spot.  We didn’t have much money in those days and took pot luck with telephone deals from Portland Holidays costing around £150 for a couple of weeks in the sun.

I’m hoping that the hot weather was the guilty party for Maureen’s challenging presentation yesterday when I just couldn’t keep her in the house.  We walked together ‘early doors’ and then I seemed to spend the rest of the day tracking her or waiting for her to return.  On one occasion it took over an hour to persuade her to come back home. after she had even declined an offer from Girl Wednesday of a lift in her car.    Then late afternoon, a kind neighbour drove her to our door after finding her on the way to Cleethorpes.  I am beginning to wonder if she was after a bottle of Ouzo or seeking the shade of the White House.

Our Key Worker is due at ten with some feedback on Maureen’s presentation while she was in Ashgrove.  It is unlikely that he will be able to tell me anything that would convince me to risk putting her into a Care Home when I meet Irving Kirsch and Tom Schuller, in London, towards the end of June.  I wouldn’t want to be wondering how Maureen was when I  was having dinner with two people who have been so important in my life:  Irving’s research helped me to escape from a lifetime on antidepressants;  Tom supported me at Warwick University with my own research for a Masters Degree.

In future Carers’ Respite has to stick to the decision of the Best Interest Meeting to the letter: ‘for Maureen to be cared for in her own home’.  That will be expensive and difficult to organise but  Maureen has paid a very high price for the alternative!

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