Dementia: Sleeping It Off

Image result for Sleeping It Off Elderly Woman PictureMaureen stayed in bed yesterday; asleep for much of the time.  Throughout the day I kept a watchful eye on her ensuring that she was well fed and watered.  After her ordeal on Sunday, I thought it was sensible to let her sleep for most of the day.

Despite all the trials and tribulations of the last few days Maureen still, has a ‘wicked’ sense of humour.  Yesterday, she told me ‘it’s a girl’ as she produced Susie (a plastic doll) out of her wardrobe.   Not to be outdone I told her the noise that she was making in the bathroom on Sunday night ‘I thought she was having an elephant!’

When I collected Maureen’s clothes from Ashgrove Care Home yesterday the Manager invited me to have a chat with her about any concerns.  Her open style of management is refreshing and I took the opportunity to raise a couple of issues.  I know that Maureen Key Worker requested monitoring on a couple of fronts and I look forward to their report when we next meet.  Perhaps,  some form of Discharge Summary following a Respite Break would be helpful to us all!

Maureen was delighted to take a phone call from her granddaughter yesterday evening.  I’m looking forward to a live performance, in our garden, from Maureen and Maeve early in June:

Girl Tuesday is due at ten and I plan to be at the Leisure Centre shortly afterward.  One thing I’m sure about is all their baby talk is unlikely to make Maureen feel broody after Sunday night.  Thankfully, Susie is a ‘model child’ and slept through the night once again!


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