Dementia: No Gain Without Pain!

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The events of yesterday have left me wondering if I really had a Respite Break.  It was past midnight before we were able to get to bed after a horrendous day with Maureen in agony for much of the evening.  Rapid Response came to our rescue at 11 am and gave Maureen treatment that eventually brought an end to chronic constipation.  I have never witnessed or heard anyone in such pain until things started to move.

I’m hoping that our Care Agency has been able to respond to my request to recommence support a day earlier than planned.  Someone needs to be with Maureen as I begin the task of clearing up from yesterday.  The washing machine is already on and is in for a long shift today.

All the good work I did on my tired body last week has almost been undone with aches and pains widespread once again, the saving grace is Maureen is fast asleep as I type. This is another one of those occasions when there is no gain without pain.  As I begin what is likely to be another long day questions remain about how we handle future Respite Breaks.

We would have been in a bigger mess last night without the excellent support we received via Single Point of Access – my hotline to them gained us prompt access to hospital and community-based support.   Throughout our ordeal, we were always treated with dignity and respect by staff whose dementia awareness was first class.  Once again I’m extremely grateful for the quality of services that are available to us 24/7 to us in North East Lincolnshire.

On thing, I almost forgot – how fortunate the Second Great Escape was successful!

4 thoughts on “Dementia: No Gain Without Pain!

  1. Oh, god, I remember the constipation. Nightmare. In our case not helped by the fact the step-monster kept ‘forgetting’ to give him the medication because she didn’t like to clean him up.


      1. My concerns on this matter have been greeted with strange responses from those concerned. I’m on the case Susan as you will see from my Blog later.


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