Dementia: The Second Great Escape

Image result for The Great Escape pictureYesterday the weather prevented me from responding to my mum’s inevitable plea:  ‘have you come to take me out?’  As plans for the ‘Great Escape’ were being formulated the heavens opened and the rain stopped play.  When I returned in the afternoon for a second strike mum was fast asleep in an armchair in the lounge of her Care Home, so I left her to rest.

When I called to see my brother earlier in the day he was asleep in a chair in his Nursing Home.  They roused him after my arrival as it was time for lunch.   Following ten minutes of lovely smiles and friendly wordless gestures, I left him to be spoon fed his lunch.

I have no doubt that my mum and brother are being well looked after in their respective homes.  They are both popular residents and staff go the extra mile to meet their needs. I know that Maureen will be getting similar treatment in Ashgrove:  her carers were really pleased to see her when we dropped her off last week.   I also realise if I go to see her today she will pose the same question as my mum: ‘have you come to take me out (home)?’

Sun greeted me as I returned to Cleethorpes this morning after leaving Coventry as dawn was breaking.  Despite driving over 100 miles I feel in good form after almost a week’s Respite Break.  I can see no reason for Maureen to stay in Ashgrove any longer and when I pop in to see her a little later I know that rain cannot frustrate today’s Great Escape!





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