Dementia: Facilitating The Great Escape

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Dawn is breaking and I have decided I’m going to take my mum out today and will be on the A46 very soon.  The ‘Great Escape’ will be a short trip into the country along with the usual fix of a ’99’.  I will also call in to see my brother in his Nursing Home: on CHC he’s not allowed out.   I have rebooked the hotel I cancelled yesterday and will stay in Coventry overnight rather than my original plan to stay for two.

When I woke up early this morning I thought about my plan to try to get everything ship shape before I facilitate Maureen’s escape from Ashgrove on Monday.  Then remembered my mum desperate to get out of her Care Home just as Maureen will be wanting to get back home ASAP.   I knew if I asked Maureen what to do she would say ‘go and see your mum’.  If I asked my mum the same question she would say ‘bring her home now’.  I also know if I was able to ask my dad he would have said ‘look after your wife’.  I realise I’m  fortunate to have been raised by loving parents and to have such a thoughtful wife.

Sincere apologies to family and friends in Coventry for changing my mind once again.  I will keep in touch by text throughout the day and hope to catch up with some of you!



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