Dementia: With A Little Help From Our Friends

It was mid afternoon before we got Maureen into Ashgrove yesterday,  Lots of people helped along the way and her reception at the Care Home was excellent.  Once again her Key Worker played a blinder by easing her into his car and using classical music to distract as we moved towards our destination.  There is a simple explanation why she likes’Ginger’:  he always treats her with dignity and respect!

As ‘Ginger’ dropped me back home his parting words were to ‘take a rest and switch off from my caring role’.  Within an hour I was basking in the Spa and Sauna at Cleethorpes Leisure Centre.  How refreshing to meet an ex-miner in the Spa and to chat over the good old days when we both active trade unionists.   Moving onto the Sauna I met a young man who worked at Humberside Airport and found out about interesting developments in his neck of the woods.On my return home I went to bed around 6 pm and rested for over 7 hours.

My focus this morning will be on catching up on a mountain of paperwork that has built up over the last few weeks.  Our heating engineer will be here around noon to replace a fan and sort out a minor leak. Once we have hot water again I need to catch up with Maureen’s Aunty Clarice. We will always be indebted to this incredible woman, now in her mid-eighties, for her support.  She is a veteran carer for someone with dementia as her late husband had Alzheimer’s disease for over 20 years.  Her latest contribution to helping us was to sew labels on Maureen’s clothes so they don’t go missing in Ashgrove: a small act compared to the immense support she has provided since Maureen first developed memory issues. Clarice spotted the symptoms when other family members and the medical profession were reluctant to accept that Maureen was showing distinct signs of dementia. She might not have been waking up in a Care Home this morning if they had heeded our concerns: even her stroke might have been avoided!

I’m off shortly to join the early morning bathers at the Leisure Centre.



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