Dementia: Real Respite At Last?

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I spent a considerable part of last week trying to find a suitable place for Maureen to go while I have a much-needed break.  During this time Maureen’s Care Coordinator said to me something along the lines that ‘I wouldn’t find a perfect place’ but hearing on previous occasions that she has escaped or finding her bruised and battered whilst in the care of others is beyond the pail.

It is less than a month since my last ‘Respite Break’ which turned out to be nothing of the sort.   When you get to bed after a long day nudging your wife into Residential Care and the phone rings advising you that ‘she isn’t settled’ the writing starts to appear on the wall.  If you spend the next day seeking to avoid her being moved to an Enhanced Unit that is far from ‘respite’.  Then you are ‘bounced’ into paying almost an additional £100 one to one care through the night the writing is firmly on the wall.   To cap it all, despite an additional member of staff, this establishment continued to fail to get her to bed until the early hours and not at all on the last two nights.

When I  decided to bring her home after five days so she could get some rest things turned from bad to worse.  We had to spend  8 hours at Accident and Emergency at our local hospital to gain Maureen relief from extremely painful constipation.  This problem was visually obvious once I encouraged her to take a bath.

After our meeting with the new Manager at Ashgrove on Friday, I’m optimistic that this time I have found a solution to actually having a Respite Break.  All I have to do today is to get Maureen there with the minimum of distress and then leave them to it!


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