Dementia: A Rude Awakening

Image result for A Rude Awakening Dementia PictureI had a rude awakening from yesterday afternoon’s siesta.  I rushed downstairs to find a neighbour at the door, with Maureen standing in her drive looking rather forlorn.  As we tried to entice Maureen back home she stormed off saying ‘of course Paul never does anything wrong’.  I trailed her as she walked around the block before eventually coaxing her home with the prospect of a cup of tea.

It was fascinating to watch Maureen on her chosen route around our neighbourhood. She stopped several times; occasionally venturing down neighbour’s drives before she neared our home.  We bumped into one or two friendly faces on our journey.  They are now familiar with Maureen looking for me and taking in the fresh air she constantly craves.

Yesterday’s rude awakening has left me in no doubt that tomorrow’s Respite Break is sorely needed.  I just hope that I can stay awake for long enough to make sure that Maureen gets to Ashgrove Residential Care Home in one piece.

I hope it warms up today as our central heating boiler has developed a fault.  A cold house with no hot water might just tip the balance between Maureen wanting to stay here tomorrow or go down the road into the warmth of  Ashgrove.  How strange it would be if it took a while to get the heating working again!

2 thoughts on “Dementia: A Rude Awakening

  1. here in the US – if someone with dementia wanders away from their home more than once – the police will not let that person go back to their home – but will have that person put into a care facility.

    you’re lucky to be in Great Britain.


    1. Maureen never wanders she either walks out because someone or something has upset her or she is looking for me. Some suggest I should deprive her of her liberty and keep her locked in. As she often says she is not a criminal and should not be locked in. I agree with her and have to strike a balance between her safety and her sanity!!!!


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