Dementia: Time For Some Self-care

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Maureen will be going into Ashgrove Care Home on Monday morning, provisionally for a week.   I met with the new manager of Ashgrove yesterday, along with Maureen’s Key Worker, and I’m confident that Maureen will be in safe hands and well looked after.

I have agreed not to visit Maureen during her stay in Ashgrove to give her a chance to setlle in in her new surroundings.  On Friday I will meet with her Key Worker to find out how things are going and discuss the best way forward.

I have no fixed plans for my week’s respite other than recharging my batteries.  The quote above, kindly forwarded by my cyber friend Dominique Klotz, says it all!

Update: Maureen woke shortly after I posted the above passages and asked me ‘if I knew where her husband was?’.  My explanations were met with disbelief and the news that ‘I couldn’t be her husband as her parents were paying for her to be looked after here’.  She is currently sitting in the lounge waiting for her first cup of tea of the day to cool looking totally bewildered.  It is really challenging to know how to comfort her when she is not sure who I am: particularly when she continues to be afraid of men!

3 thoughts on “Dementia: Time For Some Self-care

    1. Just one minor problem tomorrow morning: persuading Maureen to go to Ashgrove. Fortunately, I know her Key Worker and others are always available to support me if the going gets tough!


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