Dementia: Expensive Distraction and Redirection

Image result for Mitsubishi ASX PictureShortly after breakfast yesterday Maureen asked me ‘if I was ready to go home’.  She looked so distressed as I dithered trying to think of how to distract her from her focus.  My initial ploy was to talk about buying a new car as our Space Star is 15 years old.  Maureen seemed to warm to the idea and told me I should treat myself.  Then I decided to play a trump card by introducing a toddler into proceedings.

Image result for Girl Toddler Picture

I had noticed a delightful youngster across the road on Saturday and encouraged her mum to introduce her to Maureen.  As soon as Hattie Belle was through the door I knew I was onto a winner.  In fact, after she left I wondered if I had bitten off more than I could chew as Maureen appeared to become broody: resolving that little matter would require very expensive conception!

My preparation for this afternoon’s visit by two Occupational Therapists is already paying dividends.  Maureen has been active in the bookcase filling the empty spaces I have created.  A vest wrapped in a tea towel that she brought to me yesterday in is now safely tucked away in its new home.  This followed an attempt to make a cup of tea with pudding rice and hot water.  Although her diagnosis remains moderate to severe dementia her functional ability is now a shadow of what it was nine months ago!

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