Dementia: A Break In Hostilities

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Truce broke out in the ongoing hostilities here yesterday as Maureen and I spent a peaceful day together. The day got off to a good start as for once we woke up together in the same bed. This meant early morning tea took place in the comfort of the marital bedroom.  Maureen has a cunning way of requesting more lubrication by singing ‘I like a nice cup of tea in the morning’.

Just to put the record straight, sneezing was the main activity in the bedroom as both of our colds said ‘good morning’.  This again gave me an opportunity to show TLC by providing an endless supply of tissue. Maureen remained in good form as we moved downstairs for breakfast.   A couple of hours later she was asleep when Girl Saturday arrived.: on waking her response was remarkable.

I had changed a Carer Sit call to a Domestic as we were in need of assistance with ironing and cleaning.  As I pottered in the garden I saw Maureen show how pleased she was to see Girl Saturday, ironing in the kitchen, greeting her with a hug along with a beautiful smile.  Two hours later ‘the girls’ had made the house cleaner and tidier.  Such an about turn by Maureen who often complains that the carers have made her work!

We spent the afternoon dozing in the lounge.  As we enjoyed an early evening stroll around the block the chilly air convinced us that we had made the right decision to cancel our chauffeur, stay local and rest, rather than enduring a long car journey to catch up with family.

Maureen went to bed at seven last night and it was half six this morning before the Tea Boy was on duty.  As I type this post I’m awaiting a musical hint that her cup needs replenishing!

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