Dementia: Combination Therapy

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Maureen seems rather down at the moment which isn’t at all surprising when you consider what she has to contend with as dementia marches relentlessly on.  Therefore, I have introduced some tried and tested natural remedies for improving memory, lifting mood and regaining contact with family:

  • I have replaced rosemary sprigs all over the house as they had lost their aroma.
  • I have put orange peel in the lounge to add a positive fragrance to the room.
  • I have massaged and placed a heated wheat bag on Maureen’s left foot as it is always cold.
  • I have booked her a home pedicure and manicure for 2 pm this afternoon.
  • I  have booked a chauffeur driven day out on Saturday so we can reconnect with  Maureen’s  family.

Follow the links underlined above for references on the effectiveness of these remedies: only time will tell how well Maureen responds to this combination therapy.

There will be further combination therapy taking place at 11 am this morning when I meet with our Key Worker to review our Care Plans.  I’m not convinced that more of the same is required: we need to consider some significant changes to our Care Plans to ensure that they remain person-centred.

4 thoughts on “Dementia: Combination Therapy

    1. Please get on the next plane Susan but I may not be here. Maureen wants to summon the police as I am keeping her a prisoner so she can’t go home. I’ve tried everything I know and it’s making no difference. It looks like I will have to leave her to rant if this continues for much longer. Never mind a spa this stinks at the moment!!!!

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