Dementia: ‘Feelings Matter Most’ (Sheard)

Our Key Worker was with us for about an hour yesterday as part of his assessment of Maureen following the Best Interest Meeting.  As always she was pleased to see him and after he had gone she said; ‘I think he’s pleased with us’.   She went on to say that she believed he had the authority to split us up, even send us to separate Care Homes but she didn’t think he would ever do that.

Earlier in the year, a Manager from our Memory Service pointed me in the direction of David Sheard who asserts that feelings matter most when someone has dementia.  I have no idea if our Key Worker has ever heard of the man but he always leaves Maureen with a positive feeling and as he left she said: ‘please call again’

I look forward to meeting our Key Worker on Thursday when we will attempt to put ‘the meat on the bones’ of our Support Package.   Maureen and I continue to count our blessings for the professional and sensitive approach of the man!

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