Dementia: ‘You Are No Spring Chicken’

Image result for You are No Longer A Spring Chicken picture

I need to sort myself out and get back into a sensible routine following Maureen’s stay in Respite Care.  Firstly, I need to resume blogging on a daily basis as it is an important therapy and a means of keeping on top of things.  Secondly, I need to act my age (71) and accept as my Key Worker often says: ‘you are no longer a Spring Chicken’.

Friday did not go at all well with Maureen rejecting any of the Occupational Therapists attempt to leave us with an Easy Bather.  Maureen was so affronted by the idea that she took off and it was some time before a stranger helped her to find her way home.  He greeted me with those supportive words ‘I understand’ which is so reassuring when you are trying to support someone with dementia and is typical of the folk around here.  It is a shame I didn’t understand her resistance to something that would have really helped me to relieve the pain in my aching limbs.  One thing I do understand but fail to accept is my age as I continue to act like a Spring Chicken and this is something I have to address.

So acting my age begins from now with:

  • Simple menus and cooking double amounts so that meals can be frozen.
  • Using the dishwasher on a regular rather than occasional basis.
  • Reducing the workload in the garden with fewer pots to tend etc.
  • Taking painkillers to ease my aching limbs.
  • Carrying out the exercise regime from my physiotherapist.
  • Trying to ensure that we both have a scheduled rest every afternoon.

Our Key Worker will be here on Tuesday afternoon to review our Support Package and this is an opportunity for Focus Adult Social Care to put their money where their mouth is and consider what these two old birds now need!

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